Buy Darjeeling Tea Online With Us – Straight From The Source To Your Cup.

Buy Darjeeling tea online with us without any hesitation because we are the source. Okayti has been producing the finest Darjeeling tea since 1888 with the glorious history of its tea being served in Buckingham Palace. We are a heritage brand with teas that are opulent in every aspect. And we are making sure that the tea connoisseur’s cup is always full of only the freshest of tea.

Every tea lover knows the value of a cup that is brisk, fresh, and unbroken. The subtle flavours come alive if the teas are in pristine condition. We strive to provide our customers with garden-fresh teas packaged at the factory itself and directly delivered to the customer’s cup.

Teas from the majestic mountains of Darjeeling need no introduction, it is a beverage known to the world as the ‘Champagne of Teas’. Processed from the succulent flushes of different seasons, every Darjeeling tea has an exceptional characteristic true only to the particular batch. The repertoire of the most luxurious tea houses in the world is incomplete without teas from Darjeeling. The plantation in Darjeeling was started in the 1860s, and it is the only tea plantation in India that harvests camellia sinensis, the Chinese variety of tea bushes imported by the British.

The assortment of Darjeeling Tea includes green, oolong, black, and white teas which are all processed from the same raw leaves. All these teas have flavour profiles that are unique and enticing. Some are light and floral while some are bassy with intriguing nutty undertones. The more known assortment of Darjeeling teas is the ones categorized according to the seasonal flushes.

Flush is an often overused term in the Darjeeling tea lingo which means the new leaves and buds that a tea plant grows in every season. There are three flushes namely the First Flush, Second or Summer Flush, and  Autumn Flush. First Flush is harvested in Spring, the Second in the summer, and the third in Autumn. Every seasonal flush has a very distinct flavour and aromatic profile for which the tea connoisseurs globally await for each flush to reach their cup.

Usually, after production, Darjeeling tea spends a lot of time in transit. From the auction to the wholesalers, retailers, and brands, it takes almost about 14 to 16 weeks for the tea to reach the connoisseur’s cup. At Okayti, we are trying to mitigate the unnecessarily long transit time by making our teas available online as soon as they are out of the production unit.

If you are looking for a fine cup of Darjeeling tea, then look no further. Buy Darjeeling tea online from Okayti Tea Estate, the most revered name in the industry. Trusted by our customers and global tea brands, Okayti is the singular name when it comes to the finest cup of orthodox Darjeeling teas with flavours and aroma that is timeless, bold, and elegant.

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