Glowing Elegance of Okayti Moonlight Tea Plucking 2023

Okayti Tea Estate successfully organised the auspicious Moonlight Tea Plucking ceremony on the 29th of November 2023 which has received an overwhelming response from tea enthusiasts worldwide. The Okayti Moonlight Tea Plucking is an age-old tradition practised since its inception on a full moon night. It gracefully captures the essence of mystic allure, evokes a striking beauty of tranquil nights and the sparking lunar glow glistening the entire tea estate along with the artistic craftsmanship of plucking tender tea leaves.

This distinctive practice of plucking tea leaves under moonlight is comprehensively performed by Okayti Tea Estate which entwines cosmic energy and the people of Okayti. Moreover, this sacred ritual ensures tea enthusiasts with a promising brew revered globally for its celestial taste and aroma.  

Moonlight Tea Plucking: The Enigmatic Harvest

The glow of tea leaves takes a surreal radiance under the mystical touch of moonbeams. Moonlight tea plucking is a unique plucking procedure that takes place at night. It is commonly associated with white tea and moonlight flush varieties. The soft light of the moon beans improves the quality of the leaves along with holding onto their delicate essence. Moreover, the radiance of moonbeans gracefully helps the pluckers to select the tenderest leaves. It is thoughtfully believed that this traditional approach of plucking the tea leaves under the radiance of moonbeans imparts a special energy allowing the pluckers to capture the subtle nuances of the rich cultural heritage associated with tea plucking and producing a beverage with heavenly grace.

The Craftsmanship associated with Moonlight Tea Plucking

Aside from the glowing and mesmerizing atmosphere, the skill of the pluckers is what makes moonlight tea plucking an exceptional event. With an intimate understanding passed down through centuries, all these seasoned pluckers painstakingly handpick each leaf, assuring accuracy and care in every harvest. As the moon’s soothing radiance illuminates the route to the ideal harvest, their skilled hands navigate all around the tea gardens of Okayti while plucking only the most tender tea leaves and buds to offer a luxurious tea experience. 

Brewing Celestial Elixir:

The tea leaves plucked under the celestial radiance of the moon go through a rigorous process that preserves their elegant essence and character. When these precious tea leaves unfold in a teapot it emits a unique aroma profile reminiscent of nighttime whispers—a delicate symphony that dances with each drink. Moonlight-harvested teas include nuances not found in daylight-harvested teas, inspiring a sense of peace and a connection to nature’s natural charm. 


The moonlight tea plucking goes beyond mundane tasks, emphasizing nature’s ethereal beauty and human artistry. It exemplifies the coexistence of tradition and modernity, with traditional customs coexisting with modern devotion. We go on a heavenly voyage with each cup of moonlight tea, a monument to the everlasting attraction and enduring heritage of this nighttime harvest. Let us continue to love and enjoy this celestial nectar, respecting the moon’s soft touch with each exquisite sip.

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