Top 10 Highlights of the Okayti Tea Tour 


Okayti Tea Estate initiated the Okayti Tea Tour to allow the tourists to witness the scenic beauty of undulating tea gardens nestled in the mystic Mirik Valley. This exemplary tea tour empowers serenity and grants you the opportunity to explore the breathtaking views and country lanes of Okayti Tea Estate. The majestic tea estate of Okayti is sprawled over 1,600 acres of serene landscape with elevations ranging from 4,000 to 6,200 feet. In fact, it is as considered the highest tea estate in this particular region and is globally renowned for producing the finest single-estate organic Darjeeling Tea. 

The motive behind the inaugurating one-of-a-kind tea tour is to promote tea tourism, cultural significance and craftsmanship of the highly skilled tea pluckers who offer a comforting cup of finest Darjeeling Tea with elegance. Be it windy weather or scorching summer heat tea pluckers are never off duty and the skills of plucking only the finest leaves with nimble fingers are truly an adorable sight to behold. 

The moment you step into Okayti Tea Estate the mesmerizing cool breeze and misty weather will greet you with grace. It is not merely a destination but a place blessed with an astonishing assemblage of flora and fauna. Moreover, the majestic tea estate seamlessly unfolds the serenity in every corner. 

From palate-pleasing single-estate organic Darjeeling Tea to the poetic backdrop of nature, Okayti Tea Estate will enthral you with its never-ending alluring beauty. 

Come forth and enjoy the cosy vibe of the extravagant Okayti Tea Tour. 

Highlights of the Okayti Tea Tour

Okayti Temple 

OKAYTI’s temple, known for its culmination of several beliefs and faiths, is stashed in a little piece of land covered with budding and blossoming trees. The temple is known for exerting tranquillity and calmness for people. The Okayti Temple is structured based on specific past incidents that kept people believing more in the faith of God. Goddess Durga and other Hindu idols are put on the shrine along with Buddhist flags that usually align with the temple pathway. The present proprietor of the temple, Mr Baid has renovated the structure so that people can engage themselves with spiritual enlightenment. 

Tea Tasting Session 

A complimentary tea-tasting session is offered to explore and understand the nuanced characters of numerous varieties of single-estate organic Darjeeling Tea. Under the guidance of our seasoned tea taster, an exclusive tea-tasting session will be conducted that will help you determine the quality and sublime taste of the finest Darjeeling Tea. 


Locally known as Muhan Daha which roughly translates to “spring pond”, Okayti Waterfall is central to its local people, flora, and fauna. The water has helped the factory to power its machines since its inception. It is a source of water resources for the local people and it is also a perfect place to get lost in the rhythm of water, especially when one wants to get away from the mundane urban humdrum.

Okayti Viewpoint 

Okayti’s factory to the south and the undulating mountains as far as the eyes can see, experience a 360-degree view of the estate from Okayti Viewpoint. With a lush green carpet of tea bushes, tall trees, mountains in different shades of green, blue sky, and the dance of milky clouds, Tea Estates can be a real treat to the eyes. From here you can be a part of the garden and immerse yourself in the grandness of Okayti Tea Tour.

Okayti Heritage Factory

Being an epitome of excellence, great taste, and a masterpiece, the factory is an accomplishment of the Okayti Tea Estate. The factory, currently recognised as the Heritage Factory, was constructed with the aid of local people which helped the British to carve out an excellent estate amidst the misty and gloomy hills which hummed nothing but calmness, even on the busiest days. In 1888, the factory began to perform robustly after being constructed near the river water for irrigation facilities. Local people and tourists always feel rejoiced with the soothing smell of the green aroma which fills the aura with a warm welcome.

Okayti Outlet

At the Okayti Tea Outlet, we take immense pride in offering only the finest Single-Estate Organic Darjeeling Tea to our customers. Our teas are meticulously handpicked from the Okayti garden, ensuring the utmost freshness in every sip.  Every batch of organic Darjeeling Tea undergoes careful processing to preserve its purity and exceptional taste. Moreover, our exceptional outlet infrastructure allows the customer to explore the finest collections of Darjeeling Tea effortlessly. To understand the requirements and preferences of tea enthusiasts our experienced outlet representatives provide effective assistance to select the accurate Darjeeling Tea according to the preferences of esteemed customers. 

Traditional Photoshoot 

Capture every delightful moment spent at the majestic Okayti Tea Estate. As you explore the country roads, the heritage bungalow and the vintage tea factory of Okayti Tea Estate it brings you a sense of old-world charm that can be perfectly served as a unique backdrop. Moreover, traditional outfits such as  “daura sural” for men and the elegant “dhaka saree” for women are offered while photoshoots against the backdrop of mesmerizing landscape that gracefully extends an opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of the entire region.  

Witness Tea Plucking 

Our highly skilled pluckers put unwavering dedication to ensure a luxurious tea experience. Every plucker meticulously and swiftly picks only the tender two builds and a leaf with their nimble fingers at an elevation ranging from 4,000 ft to 6200 ft.  This precision of plucking tea leaves is a sheer form of art and a sublime beauty to witness. Okayti Tea Tour offers you an opportunity to closely witness the tea plucking session that helps you to gain a deeper understanding of tea cultivation. 

Nature Walk 

Okayti Tea Estate is full of wonders and through a nature walk, you will discover an astounding assemblage of flora and fauna all around the estate. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that will fill your heart with serenity. The breathtaking views, mist-shrouded valleys, gentle stream and quaint hamlets nestled in the countryside enable charms that will overwhelm you with a piece of mind. This incredible nature walk activity is immensely exciting and gives you the opportunity to embrace peacefulness.  

Okayti Bungalow 

Tucked in the midst of the picturesque Okayti Tea Estate, resides a magnificent Okayti Bungalow known for its comfortable stay and elegance. This majestic bungalow is designed with brilliance and the architecture of the bungalow is the exemplary blend of conventional and contemporary charm. Spacious decors attract the most and it is a view to cherish. The large windows of the bungalow greet the sunlight and offer a scenic view of the heavenly tea gardens. Overall the Okayti Bungalow is an aesthetically pleasurable stay having all the necessary amenities.

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