Not All Green Teas Are Healthy – How To Choose The Best Green Tea Brands In India

During the last few years, we’ve truly realized the potency of a cup of green tea. We’ve felt the difference that a warm cup of best Green tea before bed makes, don’t we? It induces a sense of calm with its warm, mildly sweet, and green fragrance. Not only the aroma but green teas are also packed with flavonoids that help the body in multiple ways. The natural green notes come alive when brewed with filtered water at a temperature just a notch below boiling. But do you know that not all Green tea might be as healthy as you think? As several brands are selling green teas these days, indecisiveness and doubt are common when choosing one that will work for you.

Tea estates take their tea to the auction and wholesalers bid on the finest batch. The wholesaler then sells it to the retailer and only then do most companies actually get their hands on the teas. The teas then go through packaging and only then to your cup. But the healthy elements and flavours of green tea depend heavily on the freshness. And often, the extensive travel and processing that tea endures reaching your cup bereft them of their essential characteristics. Flavours, fragrances, and health benefits are compromised at every step. There seems no option but to wonder where to get good green tea and which is the best green tea brand in India to consider Here are a few tricks to choosing the best cup of green tea.Green Teas

It should not taste bitter

Well, most green teas in envelope teabags are just dust and the obvious sign of dust green teas is their bitterness. As not everything that glitter is gold, not every bitter thing is healthy for you. If your green tea is unusually bitter and bland, it’s time to shift! Whole-leaf green teas have steep mild green flavours along with wholesome natural healthy elements. There will be a distinct change in taste if you brew whole-leaf & organic green teas as they make a cup with real, natural, and enticing green textures. The vegetal notes that resemble freshly cut grass are present throughout the length of the cup with little alterations as they cool.

Go organic if you have the choice

It goes without saying that everything organic is better for the system and the environment, so why not choose organic when it comes to your favourite cup of tea? Other than being sustainable, organic green teas bring natural flavours to the cup. Green teas are minimally processed to harbour the natural qualities of the leaves which are otherwise diminished in the travel time.

Purchase directly from the estate

It cannot be emphasized more that teas are best when they are fresh! So always go for brands who manufacture their tea themselves. This way, your cup of green tea will come directly from the source with unmatched freshness. Although freshness matters, our palates are different and it takes time to find a cup of green tea best suited for you. And guess what, you are already at the website of one of the best green tea brands in India with a history of over 100 years of producing the finest Darjeeling teas.

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