Bringing Back The Original Flavors – Organic Darjeeling Tea – Okayti Tea Estate

Darjeeling produces some of the finest teas appreciated globally for the unparalleled and intricate tapestry of fragrances and flavours. It is the only region in India that grows Camellia sinensis Sinensis, the traditional variety of tea plant that was brought by the British in the mid-1800s, while other Indian tea plantations grow Camellia sinensis assamica, a native variety discovered in Assam. There are some structural differences between the two tea plant varieties.

The one grown in Darjeeling has smaller leaves than the Assam variety. Experts also believe that the surprisingly favourable climatic conditions of Darjeeling have led to the harvesting and processing of tea known to the world as the “champagne of teas”. Teas produced in Darjeeling are delicately flavoured while teas from other regions are rich, strong, and malty. Although both of the teas render an excellent palatable experience, Darjeeling tea is appreciated for its nuanced flavour profile.

It can be speculated that the tea plantation in Darjeeling in its formative years didn’t use any chemical supplements. But the growing demands further led to the need for increasing production, most plantations resorted to using supplements. The inorganic compounds were also used to mitigate the pest problem. But the compounds not only helped with production but also interfered with the flavour profile. Besides, there were residues of the compounds in the tea. Growing awareness of the harm of inorganic food led to an increase in demand for organic food. Changing standards of the European markets finally pushed planters to produce organic Darjeeling teas.

Now, more than 50% of the tea estates in Darjeeling are organic. Okayti took the brave decision of going organic in 2009, and it took 3 years for the transformation. Organic is always the best choice, both in terms of flavours and health. Okayti has a glorious history of its teas being served in the royal tearooms of Buckingham Palace, and the estate thrives to provide the excellent organic Darjeeling tea experience to connoisseurs all over the globe.

Although going organic has its own costs but loyal patrons all over the globe truly make a difference. A new feather was added to the cap as Okayti launched the first-ever Garden Outlet of Darjeeling teas at Mirik and Darjeeling earlier this month. The said Garden Outlets will host the freshest teas made in the heritage factory for a blissful experience. We provide the best organic Darjeeling tea experience along with exclusive factory tours and tasting sessions.

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