Know All About First Flush Darjeeling Tea 2023

It is that time of the year when the valuable possession of the finest gardens is sought, with the gift of first flush tea. With the onset of the spring season comes not only new warmth and colours but also the ravishing aroma of the First Flush Darjeeling Tea. Before breaking down the importance of first-flush tea, here is a small backdrop for you.

The first flush, also known as the Spring Flush, is the first harvest year for tea. The term first flush refers to the leaves which are picked during the first harvest season. When the air gets brighter and the weather inclines towards a pinch of warmth, spring bells are called for the amazing first flush teas to be picked.

First Flush Darjeeling Tea Harvest

First Flush Tea leaves are harvested between early February till April. The first two leaves and a bud are selected from clonal bushes after a significant gap. These leaves yield the most desired cup of Darjeeling Tea, dominated by a sweet aroma and ravishing zest. The leaves are young and small in size but their outcome lingers on the tastebuds. The fine aromatic qualities and relishing taste undoubtedly call for one more cup.

The fresh and lively growth of the First Flush Darjeeling Tea is extremely unique. These leaves hold a splendid taste because they undergo minimal processing and oxidation in comparison to other black teas.

Characteristics of First Flush Darjeeling Tea

One of the notable characteristics of First Flush Darjeeling Tea is the presence of extreme levels of amino acids which amplifies the zing and provides an amazing aroma. The leaves, due to their young size and delicate texture, contain a good amount of amino acids in comparison to their matured counterparts. The presence of rich antioxidants offers numerous health benefits and that makes the First Flush Darjeeling Tea one of the prized tea in its segment.

Why drink First Flush Darjeeling Tea?

We all know that tea-drinking habits vary accordingly from one person to the other. Irrespective of various habits and possessions, the essence of first-flush tea is universally loved and acknowledged around the world.

First Flush Darjeeling Tea will give you the benefits of living a healthy life but the fine aroma, exotic and a hint of astringent zest are additional offerings with it. Though it is priced at a premium budget, you would not want to miss this exciting opportunity of grasping the light amber cups in your hand.

How to Make First Flush Darjeeling Tea?

If you are trying to brew Darjeeling First Flush Tea, it is ideal to try it without milk. The aroma and delicate floral notes are best enjoyed in light cups which will offer you a sweet and mouthful taste. It is best not to boil the leaves in water. Instead of that, boil the water first and let it remain at a specific temperature, preferably between 83-85 degrees Celsius. Once the water has boiled perfectly, steep the leaves in the water for 3 minutes. Thereafter, strain and enjoy the exotic tea.

Why choose us?

We at Okayti serve the finest single-estate organic Darjeeling tea, carefully handpicked from exceptional tea gardens. We are here to amplify your brewing experience and provide you with the finest of the first flush tea. So brace yourself as the first flush tea of this year is coming soon in our stores.

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