Okayti Moonshine – The Best Darjeeling Tea Online In India

Okayti Moonshine is the special moonlight tea and perhaps the best Darjeeling tea online in India right now. This tea from Okayti is processed from the leaves that were recently harvested on the full moon night. Moonlight Teas are not namesakes as they connote a special technique and are known for steeping pure magic in the delightful cup. On a full moon night, tea leaves are plucked around midnight and processed before the break of dawn. Only those tea bushes which are nurtured by the cool Himalayan breeze, mist, and perfect agro-climatic conditions are selected. The farm area that receives maximum light from the moon is especially considered for this manufacture.

Okayti Tea Estate, one of the oldest Tea estates perched in the misty mountains of Darjeeling is known for the opulent organic orthodox teas that it has been producing since 1888. The estate is committed to bringing the finest blends and this time again it struck the right chords in our hearts by engaging the plucking of tea leaves in the full moonlight under the celestial sky of September 2022.

When it comes to Moonlight Teas- one of the best Darjeeling Tea, the plucking window is very small, approximately from midnight to 3 A.M., other conditions include a bright night with a clear sky. Moonlight teas are made in very limited batches, skilled workers navigate through the dense tea bushes to pick a handful of leaves. They are often also considered the Holy Grail for tea connoisseurs.

Experts say that there is a cosmic relevance to moonlight plucking. Every Moonlight Tea has a special flavour, aroma, and body. It is the highest-grade tea with a fine plucking process. The scientific reasoning behind its high quality is that, after sunset like any other plant, evaporation stops, and during the full moon night, the leaves gather considerably large amounts of Magnesium and Calcium. Due to the celestial arrangement and gravitational forces, larger than usual amounts of nutrients and flavonoids are concentrated in the buds and young tea leaves. A clear full moon night at around midnight is considered to be the optimum time to harvest these nutrient-laden leaves that creates the best Darjeeling tea available online in India.

Also known as White Peony, moonlight teas are light-bodied with vibrant floral attributes that resemble honeysuckle and amaryllis. With our recent moonlight harvest, tea masters at our Heritage Factory of Okayti have crafted Okayti Moonshine an immensely fragrant tea that will surely transpire a heavenly experience in every sip.

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