Autumn Flush Tea – The Most Premium Organic Darjeeling Tea You Will Ever Taste

The tea gardens of Darjeeling, in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas, produce less than 1 per cent of India’s total tea production estimated at 2.6 billion. But Darjeeling tea is the only tea in the world that is considered the “Champagne of teas,” the finest of all teas, appreciated globally for their unique characteristics. The harvesting season runs from March through November as the tea bushes progress through distinct seasons. Each Darjeeling flush offers a distinct tapestry of fragrance and flavours and is often sold not only by the single estate (like wine) but also according to the flushes. 

First Flush teas are processed from the earliest picking of the season and steep a cup with appealing spring freshness and a hint of astringency that provides a pleasing crispness. DarjeelingSecond Flush or Summer Flush teas are known for their distinctive muscatel notes best described as a musky spice with a sweet fruity texture.

The Autumnal Offering of Autumn Flush Tea

Harvested at the end of the season in October and November, Autumn Teas steep a cup that is full of body and a sparkling character to it. The Autumn harvest is the shortest harvest lasting for about only 30 days or so. Hence the teas are made in very small batches making them exclusive and very hard to get your hands on. Most of the luxury tea houses of the world will not offer you the fine Autumn Flush teas because of their low quantity.

Talking about the flavour profile of the cup, experts iterate more than often that the Autumn Flush cup is a tea with a bold body and delightful flavours. One will not find any sharpness or astringency in the cup which often typifies the other flushes. Rather, Autumn Flush teas are considered to be well-balanced with the right amount of boldness and fruity aftertaste. The well-rounded flavours and smooth mouthfeel, slightly sweet under notes, and a distinct mellowness make Autumn Flush teas readily palatable.

For its marvellous tapestry of flavour and fragrance Autumn Flush tea is the personal favourite of some of the most discernible tea tasters in India. In a cup of Autumn Flush tea, the sweetness, smoothness and balanced fruity and floral notes come together in complete harmony to render the most palatable experience.

Perched in the mystical mountains, Okayti Tea is all set for Autumn, the temperature is diminishing every day and the tea bushes are ready for the last flush of the season. Pre-Autumn plucking has already started and the Autumn teas will be available mid-November. We are opening the pre-booking soon. Follow us on Instagram and stay updated!

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